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BuiltAPI Documentation

Welcome to BuiltAPI - the Built World API Platform. We are dedicated to helping you accelerate innovation and grow the digital ecosystem that benefits your own business and the industries around the built environment. BuiltAPI enables portability of your data and interoperability of your solutions through quicker access to data behind business software and fast development and deployment of reliable data-driven digital services.

This documentation will help you develop new data flows and connectors for your business software, run API-first applications and solution bundles, monetize your data and contribute to the growth of the BuiltAPI community. The documentation covers both business (low-code) and developer (advanced) topics. You will find concepts, terminology, how-to guides, quick start suggestions, API documentation, code samples, release notes.

What is a BuiltAPI?

BuiltAPI is an innovative toolset and platform meticulously designed to expedite the development of data-driven applications, connectors, and integrations, offering its own internal data storage capabilities.

By facilitating seamless data consolidation from diverse sources and empowering the transformation and storage of results in various applications, BuiltAPI aims to unify applications within your IT landscape, providing a single interface to effortlessly manage all your integrations.


BuiltAPI is a powerful platform that can do many things. For starters, explore its integration capabilities, which allow you to smoothly connect and transfer data between different applications.